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9:25 A.M. - Wednesday, Mar. 15, 2006
what was going on then
40 years ago

I was in the fifth and sixth grade. I loved my Fifth grade teacher, I see her face but can't remember her name at the moment. I think Mrs. Thatcher. Yeah, that's it.She was young and always smiling. One the prettist and nicest teachers I ever had. We moved that summer to the lake.It was hard to be a new student and make new friends. It was 1966 , Star Trek began it first journey on TV. United States bombed Hanoi for the first time. John Lennon said the Beatles were now more popular than Jesus.

30 years ago~

1976 ..The Year of the Bicentennial. Already married and became a mother to my second child . First home computer was introduced by Apple....that's a very important thing to someone as myself who feels her computer is FUN! Best Picture went to "Rocky" that year.

20 years ago.

1986 , I had finished my pregnant terms and was now the Mother to 5 daughters. We were living in Denham Springs but in the next year would be moving to Georgia. There was much to do with the girls as they were growing up. I had little time for myself or any hobbies.

15 years ago

We moved back to Denham Springs from Georgia.
It was 1991...this was without a doubt the worst year in my life. Series of event that changed my life forever. I prefer to not think of that time. 1991 was the year that Nirvana released Nevermind and Grunge music hit the charts. John F. Kennedy, Jr., was killed.

10 years ago
1996~ By the end of that year I had only 3 daughters at home now. I did a lot of driving back and forth to school and events for them. It was the year my Boxer babies Shay , Copper, and Summer were born and what would become a love affair that had fun, learning,and so much more.

5 years ago ~In the year 2001... I had 2 girls in college and one a Senior in high school, children married and about to be married . I never would be a wedding planner., mass chaos! I was now a grandmother and hardly could believe it. My life was about to change soon in what was to be altering from the caretaker of a large family to an empty nest. As I sat in my car that September morning waiting for my daughter Amber on the LSU campus, the world changed forever with the events of September 11.

1 year ago 2005 ~ year of many deaths in my family. January~ Summer my 8 1/2 year old boxer, Ooey Gooey.. Abigail's baby yorkie, March~Shay my 8/12 year old boxer ..April ..My 67 year old Mom, and September my Rotti-Lab , Rebel who was nearly 14 years old. There was the great trip to San Francisco to see my Uncle and Aunt which was cancelled and I nearly did not go because of my Mother's death. At first, I did not like the girls leaving and growing up... I LOVE IT NOW!

Yesterday? I worked in the yard , hung around the house, talked on the phone with family and friends, and of course played with my computer a lot!

What am I doing today?

Thinking about going to get a hair cut. It's cooler today than yesterday , but some yard work should be done. Getting prepared to go to the eye surgeon tomorrow in the hopes of lasik for my every far sighted vision. Only worn glasses less than 3 years but I so want to be able to do things like just walk around without needing my glasses. Then there is the fact I spent time writing all this down which took a major chunk out of morning. Sigh* well you can't be a writer if you don't take the time to do it can you?



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